Volvo Engine
Volvo Penta industrial engines are designed to satisfy numerous requirements :
- High output
- Low fuel consumption
- Low gas emissions
- Long service life
- Operational reliability
- Low noise level
- Good light running characteristics
- Ease of installation
- Ease of service
Electrical system
24 volt starter motor and charging alternator c/w heavy duty lead acid batteries and interconnecting cables are standard supply.
Available Options
- Weatherproof canopy
- Soundproof canopy at 85 dba at 1 M
- Fuel tanks
- Trailers
- Manual start control panel
- Automatic mains failure panel
- Manual synchronising panel
- Automatic synchronising and load sharing panel and sequence starting
- Remote radiator system
- Cooling tower system
The alternator is of brushless excitation with IP21 standard enclosure. Stator and rotor are insulated with class H insulation.
Optional features such as air filters and anti–condensation heater can be fitted. Voltage regulation  1.5% at any p.f. between 0.8 lagging and unity and including speed droop of 4.5%
Engine instruments and protections
- Water temperature gauge with shutdown for high water temperature
- Oil pressure gauge with shutdown for low oil pressure
- Battery charging voltmeter
- Hour run meter
Optional  features  such  as tachometer, oil temperature gauge etc can be offered.
Vibration isolator
Neoprene anti-vibration mountings are installed between the engine/alternator unit and skidbase to ensure that vibration to the floor is minimised. Spring mountings can also be supplied for more critical installations.
Exhaust system
Heavy duty industrial/residential type silencer c/w flexible expansion bellows are supplied as standard. Critical and super critical silencers can also be offered.
2000 hours or 12 months from date of starting or 18 months from date of delivery, whichever occurs first.